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Welcome to Bloom, a wellness protocol designed by Nikki Vante. This program is designed to support healthy living through thought transformation. The beauty of the Nikki Vante Program is that unlike traditional weight loss and wellness programs, this one examines your life, lifestyle, and the world around you. We take all things “you” into consideration looking into the whole person tailoring services that support your journey to wholeness.

The ideal client for this program is anyone who is struggling with weight retention attached to ailing bodies, has tried everything else and failed, and is likely desperate for help because they realize they can’t do it on their own. Our goal is to make rich differences in our clients’ lives, rich enough to make them difference makers!

We are a proud member of the Health Coach Group.

About Our Owner

Nikki Vante is a Masters-level Social Worker who started her health and wellness journey in 2004 by having Gastric Bypass Surgery. Gastric Bypass is a surgery that helps to jump start weight loss for obese and morbidly obese individuals. For gastric bypass patients, it is extremely effective the first year then lifestyle changes have to be implemented to get the lifetime benefit. She will discuss Gastric Bypass along with other weight loss surgery options in her reports and upcoming book.

At this time, Nikki maintains a weight that is physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. She has learned valuable health, life, and spiritual information along the way that she would like to share. As a result of the weight loss, God has blessed Nikki’s life by shifting her from 275 pounds of unhealthy and unhappy living to being a sought after model. She makes unique clothes that flatter her figure, flattering her flawless and will be offering the same flattering experience to others.

Along with this journey, Nikki has found that you cannot make it with just healthy eating and exercising. Your mind has to partner with the journey as well; she has used positive affirmations when life, not just the weight loss journey has become difficult.

Nikki still uses them and would like to offer customized affirmations as well as the ones she has used to get her through life’s valleys and over life’s hills. These hills and valleys have inspired her to design Nikki Vante’s affirmation gems. 

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